About us
What started once as a ‘hobby'... quickly grew to be our passion to be continuously busy with the breeding of our own ‘black pearls'. We wanted to contribute to the global breeding goals of the KFPS studbook: continually raising the quality within the Friesian breed. It is precisely this passion & love that enabled us to be known for our professional care ànd soft handling of Friesian horses.

Next to our dream of breeding a model mare, we mainly wish to focus on ‘fair trade'. At Stal ‘t Proosdijhof, all horses are being perfectly trained by our team. Our thorough knowledge of horses, in coherence with our open ear to the wishes of our clients ensures that every new owner goes home with a first class Friesian horse that matches him/her! Moreover, every horse is (purchased and) sold together with a complete veterinarian inspection report.

As mentioned before, we only sell ‘Friesian horses' of top quality! Many of our Friesian horses, via us or via our partners, have left to all corners of the world: Germany, Sweden, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Mexico, France, United States, Russia and even China.

We always work according to the following SELECTION CRITERIA:

Worldwide, Friesian horses are appreciated for their fantastic loyalty! (see our quote on the home page) We analyse the character of each of our horses in order to be able to pair them with the perfectly matching owner... A happy horse is a horse that wants to work!

Everybody is looking for thé most beautiful horse... But what defines this beauty, for you or for me? We, from Stal ‘t Proosdijhof, are looking for the key qualities and typical characteristics that represent the "Friesian breed". Taking into account our clients' wishes (dressage, combined driving, or recreational use), we are looking daily for Friesians with a natural beauty, breathtaking appearance & a reliable temperament.

According to us, this criterion has been underrated far too often! The blood line stands for a direction into which the horse has been bred. Just think about jumping horses... With Friesians, breeding within certain blood lines is being held as pure as possible, taking into account the horses aptitudes, for example a dressage horse or a strong harness horse. From this point of view, the blood line is an important element of our breeding- and purchasing policy. We like to select horses with "full papers" (= proven blood line).

We often hear: "Friesians must be expensive horses, right?" The answer is ‘no', but just as with every other horse: all strongly depends upon your wishes. We want to sell quality horses to every person who is, just as us, passionate about the Friesian breed. We try and offer the ideal horse to every client, within his/her capacities.

All horses in our stables are being trained by experienced riders, taking into account the aptitudes & capacities of each individual horse. Several of our horses are even being ‘double' trained. First, professional riders teach the horses the basic riding skills; afterwards they are taught the principles of dressage riding. The horses are being properly trained by our specialized partners, so that you as client can safely enjoy driving the horse into the country, into the woods, at sea ànd in full traffic.

"Our dream horse service"
Are you looking for that one particular horse that no one can offer you? Maybe we don't have what you are looking for in our stables... If this should be the case, we are glad to offer you our help in your quest for your dream horse. Please fill in our ‘dream horse form' on this website. This way, we can get a first clear image of the horse you are looking for. Don't hesitate: with full dedication, we offer our help to find the horse you've been dreaming from all this time...