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Welcome to Proosdijhof
As client, colleague, supplier or business acquaintance, it is always interesting to find out something more about the organisation you are working with or that you are about to do business with.

This is precisely why our website wishes to create a clear image of Stal ‘t Proosdijhof as ‘licensed breeding facility and commercial stable'.

Nowadays, everyone knows ‘The Friesian Horse' to be one of the most beautiful and captivating horse breeds in the world. But do you also know that these horses, next to their fantastic appearance, are characterized by their sincere friendliness, a good portion of intelligence, great adaptability ànd a tremendous willingness to work for humans? Their character has been one of the main reasons why humans, through history, have continued to go through fire for these horses.

It has not only required courage and perseverance from many breeders, but also a critical mind which continually questions the existing and rethinks the breeding each time again; one that also responds in time to the ever-changing requirements and needs in both the recreational and professional market.

It can be said: "Inspired by our entrepreneurial spirit, our breeding facility combines the dynamism of a young starter with the continuity of noble traditions. A noble tradition in which the impressive living cultural heritage of the Friesian Horse has been kept alive for new generations of horse lovers, from present to future."

We wish you lots of reading pleasure!

A friesian will take care of its owner as no other horse will
for it has not only been raised to physical perfection but
has been instilled for generations with a spirit of loyalty
unparalleled by that of any other breed.

Originele groet,
Piet Brysse
Zaakvoerder stal 't Proosdijhof ®